The Most Precious Fries (now in Flash!)

by CloakBass

UPDATE: Game now in Flash! You can still get the downloadable version here.

Iridiscent gem of spud
To break a man's soul
Or mend a demon's heart
Sought by innumerable hordes
Few may claim....
The Most Precious Fries

This is a reaaaaaaally short game where you play Marceline (and sort of Finn & Jake), defending your fries from those who would deprive you of their sweet release. There are a lot of explosions.

Created in Multimedia Fusion 2, converted to Flash.

Special thanks to Ammar R. for playtesting and helping with the development, as well as Press Start for converting the game to Flash and helping with development. Check out his game here: Up 'n' Down

Special special thanks to the Adventure Time production team for sharing their assets online (and making a great show)! I used assets from Fred Seibert's Flickr and music from Tim Kiefer's Soundcloud.

Hello! Let me know what you think in a comment or over yonder @CloakBass

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