Crossbow Chaos

by Gold_Ninja

Our hero Finn The Human is in the tree fort. His best buddy Jake glides in through the window.

Finn: "Hey Jake, how come you're flyin'?"

Jake: "Lady Rainicorn taught me"

Finn: "Mathematical!"

Jake: "But never mind! That jerk The Ice King has teamed up with some Battle Cubes and Ghosts and is coming to kidnap some princesses!"

Finn: "Lemme grab my crossbow! Let's stop him!"

Jake: "Algebraic!"

The two fist-pound then Finn hops onto Jake's back, crossbow in hand, and together they leap from the window to battle.

. . . or something like that.

Play with the arrow keys and space.

I made this game using @adamatomic's Flixel.

The coding was done in FlashDevelop.

The drawing was done in Photoshop 7, the animation in Graphics Gale.

I used sfxr for the few sound effects I managed to squeeze in to the game.

I used Audacity for recording & editing the audio.

I also used Photonstorm's Flixel Powertools!

My good friend Chris kindly lent me his ukulele for the opening theme.

Special thanks to my nerdy nephews Kade(7) & Logan(6) for game-play ideas.

And thanks to Brett for his tireless work on this site & everyone in the IRC channel for their help.

(Sorry the win and lose screens are so half-arsed, I ran out of time)

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