Worship Malwoden

by Glitten Moss

A very odd game. Pressed for time so it's not 100 & 10%, but you can move around a bit, and jump, and click on a thing once, twice, or thrice. WARNING! There are some flashing lights/textures and an experimental strobing effect, so watch out if you are photo-sensitive. This was created in Unity, with help from MonoDevelop, Audacity, Pixen, Blender, Donner, and Pixelmator.

If stuck: I suggest clicking once, then waiting a dozen seconds, then moving with WASD or UDLR and perhaps using Space for Jump and if you really want to freak things up, click the logo too many times, if you hear whooshing and the floor drops out in darkness... YOU WIN?! I think so, yes. Tap Escape a couple-few times to exit.

Windows version on this page here! Mac version located in Dropbox Land:

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