Five Shades of Rainicorn

by Princess Panic Party

PB, Finn, Jake, and Flame Princess, along with Lady Rainicorn, are on their way to An Event.

As they pass over a mysterious island, there is a sudden FLASH! and Lady's colors are drained from her body. The group plummets to the island. Peebles ends up on a deserted beach, and sets out to find her friends and rescue Lady Rainicorn!


J.S. King, Severin Piehl, and Josh Lesnick

This is a stripped-down version of our main idea, but it is playable, and it has a beginning and an end. Features over 250 non-flipped sprites that are mostly not used or even packaged with the game!


Written in Lua for Love2D 0.8 ( Should run on anything that Love2D runs on.

Resolution is 640x640, which I hope is amenable to most everyone's displays. I imagine there's someone out there running at 800x600 or below, but...


WASD for movement, Enter for menu selections


Adventure Time Chiptune Party! by

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