Drop Ball Kinect

by jonagill.com

A demonstration: http://youtu.be/jGG5lVrUKhc

Never before have computer games been able to so realistically capture the extremely addictive, high-intensity game of Drop Ball! Via the power of the Kinect camera, you too can feel the rush, the adrenaline, the cheek-tightening thrill of professional Drop Ball play!

Squat, stretch, and swat your way to victory! You'll have to beat down your best friend to do it, but you know in your blood that you will be the one true Drop Ball Planetary Champion!

Drop Ball Kinect was created with Unity3D, the Microsoft Kinect SDK, Andrew Devine's Unity Kinect library ( https://github.com/adevine1618/KinectSDK-Unity3DInterfacePlugin ), and Carnegie Mellon University's Unity Kinect starter code ( http://wiki.etc.cmu.edu/unity3d/index.php/MicrosoftKinect-MicrosoftSDK ).

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