City of thieves

by Noktai

Genre: multiplayer competitive platformer Language: Lua (Love2D) Engine: Custom

  • Goal Hold the gem for 30 seconds to win. Punch other players to make them drop the gem, hit them with projectiles to slow them down.

  • Controls Xbox controller only (sorry, no time for keyboard controls left) AnalogStick: aim/move A: jump X : punch B : shoot Y : special (requires 3 knifes)

Watch out for the snail, he makes you lose all your points :( (he has 20% on spawning each match)

Characters: Each character has their own stats, some are faster or jump higher than others. Give em a try. Don't judge ice king too fast though, his projectiles slows enenemies, and he can even use them when holding the gem.

Also Available here:

Notes: The game is not finished, spent way too much time on inut and backend stuff. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

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