Adventure Time: Heart Attack!

by AdventureBytes

UPDATE: Fixed a display resolution bug on certain graphics cards.

The Earl of Lemongrab has been ousted from his keep by Ricardio and this is unacceptable! It's up to Finn to defeat Ricardio's heart-shaped hordes and help restore Castle Lemongrab to its rightful owner. Oh, and Jake's been kidnapped, too.

Destroy all of the enemies in the room to progress to the next.


WASD - move Finn Arrow Keys - attack in one of four directions Space - activate Princess Power (if collected) Enter - progress in menus


1 - 3 - give yourself one of the three Princess Powers 4 - skip to credits / epilogue

Princess Powers (collectible)

Bubblegum Shield: creates a shield that protects Finn from all damage and knocks back enemies. Pops after 3 seconds or if Finn attacks.

Fire Shield: the Fire Princess' token summons a ring of fire around Finn that damages enemies. Dissipates after 3 seconds of use.

Lumpy Space Mode: turns Finn into his Lumpy Space equivalent, halving all enemy damage and allowing him to float over pits.


  • Add additional enemy type and Ricardio as a final boss. Currently the game ends after 4 waves and we would have liked it to be much longer.
  • Polish.


  • Built in Unity 3.5 with the ex2D plugin.

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