Lemongrab's Banishing Time

by Deep Plaid

Made in the last 8 hours of the game making frenzy.

Press arrow keys to move and fill your lungs. Press space to shriek and banish citizens to the dungeon. Banish all the citizens, as quickly as you can! Their lack of respect is UNACCEPTABLE and cannot be tolerated. Avoid hot sauce left by horrible pranksters. They will be banished. Oh yes.

Shay Pierce: Coding, ideas, obsessing. Dale Austin: Art, ideas, misc. awesomeness, sucking sounds. Evan Balster: Lemongrab voice-impersonation samples.

This was made using a version of Flixel modified to meet my OCD requirements. Adobe CS5 products (Illustrator, Flash Builder, Flash, Photoshop) mostly used. Audacity used for audio. SWFSheet used to create spritesheets.

Thanks to Justin Roiland, the voice of Lemongrab, who really wanted to give us some original voice samples to use, but was thwarted by technology. Thanks to Robin Arnott for recruiting Evan's voiceover help on a short basis. Sorry to Evan for using criminally little of your awesome screams and other voice-overs, we really wanted to but ran out of time. Special thanks to Pendleton Ward and the A.T. crew for making an awesome show and supporting us mangling their work into obnoxious games like this one.

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