Drop Ball Versus

by MasterOfDropBall

Drop Ball Versus is a simulation of an extremely addictive, high intensity designed for people everywhere.

Platforms: Windows, Petit Computer (portable) - http://i.imgur.com/mCDLc

Written in C++ with Allegro 5 Library. Compiled with MCVS.

The rules of Drop Ball Versus is simple. Grab the ball and drop it once in standing position to score a point. Drop the ball too soon and your score streak is over.

Modes: Single Player Versus - Face the CPUs in a timed game of Drop Ball. Versus - Play with against buddy and see who's the Master of Drop Ball. Endless - Play it forever.

Playable characters: Finn, Jake, BMO, Ghost Man Controls:
A = Left Kneel
L = Right Kneel
Space = Grab

Versus Controls:
A = 1P Left Kneel
D = 1P Right Kneel
S = 1P Grab
Left Arrow = 2P Left Kneel
Right Arrow = 2P Right Kneel Down Arrow = 2P Grab

Notes: Play Single Player Versus to find the snail! Miss during a timed game and you are forced to watch your opponent.


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