by JLevstein

Welcome to AdventureWare!


Let us know what you think the comments below :)

AdventureWare is a minigame collection in the vein of WarioWare. The only keys required to play are the arrow keys!

Ice King Stage - Dodge the Ice bolts for a period of time!

Apple Orchard - Collect all of the apples before time runs out!

JAAAAAAAAAKE! - Catch Finn before he hits the ground!

Made by:

Stephen Daymond (art) - @stephendaymond

Robby Duguay (music and game design) - @robbyduguay

Jonathan Levstein (development and game design) - @jlevstein

Made using Construct2 - an HTML5 game engine.

IN THE DOWNLOAD - A .exe of the game A .html of the game as well

I'll post a proper link to the game later today!

Please enjoy! :D

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