Tart Burglars

by skudfisher

Tart Burglars! Based on 'The Other Tarts' episode of Adventure time. You've got to protect the royal tarts from thieving hobos. If they grab a tart and walk off the screen you lose it forever. Lost them all and GAME OVER.

I made the game entirely solo using Unity/2D Toolkit and doing all the pixel art myself. I'm submitting a windows version but there is also a web version available.

Lots of stuff was dropped to try and reach the deadline but I'm happy with it. I spent most of Saturday at a comic convention so time was TIGHT.

I'm happy with the boomerang sword. The velocity of it is passed to the enemy it hits, so if you time it just right you can lob it over their heads and knock guys back towards you while they get away.

Give more time I would have fine-tuned this. But... well... GAME JAM.

It was my first time using 2D Toolkit in Unity (and only my second time using Unity) so I had a lot to learn as I went. Challenging but fun! I think I've aged 5 years in 2 days though...

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