It's Time For Adventure! The Adventure Time Card Game

by @JordanAjlouni & @MikeLikesGames

Grab a buddy and play the Adventure Time Card Game: Time for Adventure! Each player chooses their two most favoritest Adventurers and do battle against the opponent’s base. Go on quests to receive some phat equipment and adventuring knowledge in the form of Event cards.

Quickstart Rules: Each Player chooses two Adventurers and a Base. Each Player starts with two Events, two Adventures, and 1 Equipment. Play the equipment, the others go in your hand (max hand size of 5) Roll to see who goes first At the beginning of your turn, unfloop your cards. Then Draw and Adventure Card. Then roll for your Adventures by rolling two dice and adding any bonuses. If you roll equal or greater than the Adventure’s goal, you may claim the reward. On your turn, floop an Adventurer to Attack, draw an Event, or use other effects When attacking, roll two dice and add that Adventurer’s Atk value plus any other bonuses you may have. Compare it to the enemy’s base plus the defense value of any unflooped Adventurers they may have. If Atk => Def, the base receives one damage Destroy the other player’s base to win.

By @JordanAjlouni & @MikeLikesGames

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