Finn-Ball: The Gladdening

by FunkyBen

Roll your bro around to solve each adventure. To move to your next adventure, find the elusive snail and klobber him good. Rack up points by body-slamming your friends or go straight for the snail! Do you have the berries to conquer all 11 stages?! Prove you're not a dweeb!

Gameplay Instructions:
Keyboard Arrows - Tilt control
P - pause
*Press "I'm Stuck!" to restart the current level.

Made in Unity, with art created in Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop, and with the music created by Erik Funkhouser with a Gibson Les Paul guitar and loop pedals.

Supported by any computer anywhere ever... as long as you have the Unity player installed.

  • Lead Programmer: Erik Funkhouser
  • Lead Artist: Benjamin Leary
  • Special Thanks: Jeremy Fountaine

  • GameMakingFrenzy was a blast! Let us hear any feedback you may have and we hope you enjoy our game as much as we enjoyed making it :D

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