Finn and His Sword Take on the Horde

by Robert "The Bruce" Meyer

A 2D action platformer where the player plays as Finn who must use his sword to ward off the hordes of incoming lobster-ish enemies.

However, keep an eye out for the rare elusive snail, as it's worth 100 times the points of a lobster.

The player earns 1 point for each lobster, but 100 points for the Snail. Earn as many points as possible before Finn's sad demise.

Used Flixel and AS3 to make it.

Unfortunately I only had some time on Saturday to spend on it, so never got to really iterate on the basic setup, but still thought I'd share it here.

Yes, the initial concepts and level design were heavily inspired by a brain-mix of the original Mario Bros. and Super Crate Box. Meant to remake the level design at some point, but ran out of time.

Thanks for the good times, Adventure Time Game Jam!

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