This Cosmic Dance

by Cambrian Man

This cosmic dance of bursting decadence and withheld permissions twists all our arms, collectively, but, if sweetness can win - and it can - then I'll be here tomorrow to high five you yesterday. Peace.

Help Finn and Jake gather the Royal Tarts as they cross the Desert of Doom in this arcade puzzle game. Click on two tiles to swap them, don't let Finn and Jake go off the path, and don't let those filthy tart thieves steal the tarts!

This game was made with FlashPunk, along with TweenMax and Polygonal Data Structure. There are a few issues as the levels go up, but, you know. Jam. Sometimes the game can generate an unwinnable board. Sorry! I used Cosmigo ProMotion for the art and bfxr for the sounds.

The music is 'Manlorette Party' from the Adventure Time episode 'When Wedding Bells Thaw'.

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Thanks to everyone who helped put on this jam, it great deal of fun!

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