Jam Rules

  1. Your submission must be related to Adventure Time in some way, shape or form. The way, shape and form is totally up to you, and it is meant to be flexible.
  2. If you are going to work as a team, three people maximum per team.
  3. You must submit your game within 12 hours of the jam ending (if you run into a problem, then just let us know!).
  4. Every episode of Adventure Time has included a secret visit by The Snail, as you can see over here: Make sure that The Snail makes an appearance somewhere in your game, too!
  5. Have a great time!

Jam Terms

Your participation in Fantastic Arcade's Adventure Time Gamemaking Frenzy is conditioned upon agreement to the following terms. If you do not accept these terms, please do not submit a game.

  1. Your ability to use characters, artwork or any other intellectual property related to Adventure Time is limited solely to creating and submitting a game for participation in the Gamemaking Frenzy. No other rights are granted or implied.
  2. You cannot sell any game submitted to the Gamemaking Frenzy unless all Adventure Time related assets are removed.
  3. Beyond uploading the game to the Gamemaking Frenzy website, you cannot distribute a submitted game containing any Adventure Time related assets.
  4. By submitting your game to the Gamemaking Frenzy, you give Fantastic Fest, Fantastic Arcade, and the Cartoon Network permission to feature the game on their respective websites.

If you are unhappy with the terms and conditions, we are taking requests into consideration and will work with our partners to make adjustments. Please reach out by contacting us.

Additional Stuff a.k.a. Frequently Asked Questions


Oh, my Glob, you guys. Adventure Time is a lumping TV-PG show. So don't turn in anything GROSS, because, ew.

If you have any other questions or concern, just contact us.